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        ABOUT US

        Xiamen SAN-U Optronics Co., Ltd. was established at the beginning of 2001,has been a high-tech enterprise specialize in professional R&D and production of high-speed semiconductor lasers / detectors, optical components and optical modules. Products widely used in cloud computing, mobile communications, FTTH, optic sensing and other fields.

        SAN-U has set up a "Xiamen University & SAN-U Optoelectronic Technology Research and Development Center", "Xiamen Government & SAN-U joint Key Lab for testing Optical Components". Under the innovative leading, R&D team was in charge of more than 20 projects which were supported by innovation funds and technology of national and provincial. SAN-U has four patents for inventions, more than 20 utility model patents. The scientific research results have been achieved mass production to be hot products in the market. SAN-U was awarded "Innovative Enterprise in Xiamen", "Innovative pilot enterprise in Fujian Province". The National Innovation Fund Project - 10G semiconductor lasers and components passed the inspection. Our 10G products was the first to join the market to replace the imports in China. With the growth demand from the rising development of global cloud computing and large data centers, SAN-U is becoming an increasingly important role on supply chain.

        As a leading supplier of optical communication products in China, SAN-U has completed the automatic, intelligent and information production lines on mass production.

        By now, all kinds of our products successfully entered the supply chain of the cloud computing data center, fiber to the home and 4G mobile communications international operators. The 40G-100G products that were developed by SAN-U on data center will become the new profit growth point of SAN-U.

        SAN-U is a Vice President of Xiamen Optoelectronics Industry Association, Vice Chairman of the Cross-strait Optical Communications Industry Alliance, Member of Fujian Mobile Communications Industry Alliance. SAN-U successfully held the Cross-strait Optical Communications Summit six consecutive sessions to promote the communications and cooperation with Taiwan Optical Communications Industry.
        In August 2014, SAN-U successfully listed in the "NEEQ" (Stock Code: 831055).In recent years, the company's performance has continued to grow rapidly at a growth rate of more than 30%.
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