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        Mid-2011 the company will be held in Xiamen Pioneering Park for a grand

        Release time:2011-03-05 9:34:54  Views:6413

        February 21, 2011, Xiamen excellent optical grand mid-2011 will be held, the company staff and a number of industry guests attended the meeting.

         Over the past year, three excellent optical specifications of the ISO management system, improve the KPI assessment system, the expansion of the new plant. The amount in sales, sales profits, plant capacity and system management are held company got a lot of progress, the overall business model is more mature.

         At the meeting, the company's total office, engineering, technical department, sales department, production department and other departments of the managers of various departments were introduced in last year's achievements and shortcomings still exist, and to develop improvements in the direction of 2011.

         2010, three excellent companies have emerged in various positions of a number of excellent staff, they work diligently, and unknown, for the development of the company made ??a great contribution to the occasion of the annual occasion, the company of these outstanding employees were awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award personal individual awards, award best model, best new artist, and many other awards and prizes.

         Finally, Dr. Li Ling, general manager of that company in sales last year, profits, productivity, product quality has greatly improved, thanks to the efforts of all three excellent people! Along with the "triple play" to promote, market prospects for future optical communication line good, but the industry will become more competitive. In the future we hope to foster competition in the same spirit of the wolf, to fight for every opportunity.

         After the meeting, the company Xiamen Egret Island Coliseum KTV organized a variety of recreational activities. A lively performance, and the atmosphere was high, showing the three excellent passionate in his spare time, colorful side.

         "Technology Innovation years off" - is a true three excellent optical reflection over the past decade!

         "Innovation recast three excellent glory" - is three excellent people unremitting pursuit of the next decade!

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